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Want to start eating healthy again?

I'm pretty sure most of you (well most miscers) know him. He goes by the name jmstrings on the forum.

Recently he has a thread that has over 20+ pages. Here is the thread

I lifted with him couple times at school and I even met on BB forums (srs). He is a certified fitness trainer and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

I suggest you follow his blog to learn more about nutrition. It's amazing what a solid diet can do to your body.

11 tips on how to increase your blog’s pageviews

Interlink your Posts
This is perhaps the most simple method to increase your pageviews. Whenever you write an article, check whether you have written similar articles. If so link to them. This is helpful for new readers as well as it is not necessary that all your readers have been with you from the beginning. But remember that too much interlinking can get your readers distracted from the orginal post.

Highlight Related Posts
For WordPress users there is a plugin called Related Posts that can automatically find related posts for you based on the keywords you used in the article. You can do this manually if you want, but I prefer the plugin as it is a lot easier. There may be a similar plugin for other Blog Platforms, but I am not sure about it.
It is best that you place 5 related posts just after the post ends. 

Add a Newsletter or Post Notification Services
Services such Zookoda and FeedBurner can be used to notify readers of new posts via email thereby increasing page views. I think that notifying new posts through emails are more effective than feeds as people check their mails many times a day.

Highlight Key Posts in Prominent Positions
You may have noticed that my header links to some of the important articles of When visitors reach this blog there’s a high chance that they will notice these links and click them. My header links has helped me almost double my pageviews.

‘Best of’ Pages
Blogspot has a built-in feature (aka gadget) that lets you put up the top blog posts you've made. I think they're rated by the # of comments you have in it.
Write a Series of Posts
A series of posts on a topic can drive readers from the first part to the last thereby increasing pageviews. Readers will also return often to read what you have to say on the next part.
Although I suggest you don’t break every article into a series of posts as it may irritate some readers.

Run a Blog Project or Meme
Group writing projects can get you new links and readers aswell as visitors who come back multiple times in a week to see what updates there had been to it. Projects or competitions works best if you have a lot of loyal readers willing to participate.

Excerpts in RSS feeds
If you use Full Feeds, your readers are likely to read your content through feeds and never return to your blog. To increase page views you may switch to Partial Feeds.

Entice RSS Readers to Visit
If you decide to use Full feeds, you need to find ways to get your subscribers to visit your blog. Darren suggests methods such as Polls, writing posts in a way that invites comments and interlinking posts.

Build Interactivity into your Blog
The more your readers interact on your blog the more pages they view. Comments and polls are a good way to interact with readers.
You can encourage comments by asking question or opinions at the end of every post. If a reader leaves a comment or takes part in a poll they are likely to come back again to see if there are any replies to their comments or to find out the result of the poll. Building an interactive blog can increase your pageviews a lot.

Add a Search Feature
Adding a Search feature to your blog allows your readers to search for previous posts thereby increasing pageviews. Your theme may already be having it by default.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why the Domain Yahoo is So Popular

The domain yahoo is one of the most popular in the world and it has become a market leader by providing the much needed access to many services for the customers. The first thing you can benefit from it is the establishment of an email ID which will go long way in launching you into a world where communication can happens with ease. You can open your communication links through the yahoo messenger and other benefits are having your own space for albums and have your file storage in which you can review them from any place. You can get a domain and begin the process of having your own web site.

Yahoo has therefore brought and continues to bring a world of difference by providing the free services. Through domain yahoo you will get to see all the products that provided and above the mentioned products are yahoo widgets, yahoo travel, yahoo tool bar, yahoo small business, yahoo shopping, yahoo search, yahoo real estate, yahoo photos, yahoo music, yahoo mobile, yahoo message board, yahoo local, yahoo groups, yahoo finance, yahoo bookmarks, yahoo autos, yahoo 360 and so many other products. Yahoo also provides another vital service pertaining to domains. Domain locking is the prevention of unauthorized transfers to another registrar. Domains that are registered through yahoo can access this service.

You can get access to so much more information through domain yahoo and some of the most common questions that are asked are on how to lock and unlock your domain and the effects of locking. People also want to know how to create a domain name and yahoo has all the information for you to read. Firstly, a good domain name according to yahoo should be clear and simple. People should not have trouble remembering it and, it should show the kind of business you do. Domain names are therefore very vital and to come up with a unique address, you need to spend some time and make sure you have the right name. Remember that domains should contain letters, numbers and hyphens.

You are advised to re angle your domain name if you find that it is already in use. It is also good to think of where you register the domain and make sure that it serves your purpose. At domain yahoo, you will find a private domain registration which will help you safeguard your personal information from the public. This is because many domain owners have their contact details exposed to the public because the information is required by the internet governing body. But, yahoo will make sure that before people access your information, you are first alerted by their business partner Melbourne IT. You will be overwhelmed by the possibilities yahoo has to offer. Take sometime and read about the domain and discover so much more, you will find a service you are looking for with ease. The name will continue to break new grounds as it becomes more and more popular to many customers.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Top ten principles of getting SHREDDED

1. Calories Are The Tipping Point
There are numerous tricks you can implement to help burn bodyfat. The key principle above all others is to create a calorie, or energy, deficit to stimulate the body to burn bodyfat as fuel. That means eating less, whether it be fewer calories from dietary fat, carbs or a combo of the two.

2. Calorie Deficits: Weekly Approach
Conventional wisdom states that you have to eat fewer calories daily to shed fat. Not true. On average, you have to eat fewer calories over a seven-day period to drop bodyfat. You can fudge a bit by eating fewer calories than normal for a couple of days, followed by a couple of very strict days and then a few days where you eat roughly what you did before starting the diet.
3. Protein Needs Rise During Dieting
When excess calories from dietary fat and carbs are removed from a diet, the body burns small amounts of amino acids from protein or, worse, muscle mass when calories decline. The extra protein protects muscle loss, because it can be burned in lieu of muscle tissue.
4. Aggressive Dieting Leads Nowhere
If you cut calories too drastically, the body tries to hoard energy by slowing down its metabolism, the calorie-burning mechanism in the body.
Moderate cuts in calories, such as decreasing daily caloric intake by 200-400 per day (or 1,400-2,800 per week), allows the body to tap into fat reserves without throwing the metabolism into a tailspin.

5. The Role Of Protein
Of the three sources of energy (carbohydrates, protein and dietary fat), protein has the least impact on fat storage. Overeating calories from carbs and dietary fat will lead to their accumulation as bodyfat. That’s not to say you can, or should, gorge on protein. It means you should add more protein from chicken, turkey or fish instead of snacking on additional carbs or fat to satiate hunger.
6. “Step-Up” Dieting Preserves Muscle & Promotes Fat Loss
Although reducing dietary fat and carbs results in fat loss, keeping carbs down for a prolonged period (more than seven days) can deplete glycogen (stored carbs) reserves in muscle. Low glycogen can trigger the burning of metabolically active muscle tissue. Increasing carb intake by 100-200 grams once each week should replenish glycogen reserves sufficiently to avoid muscle loss and may even increase the metabolism.
7. Thermogenics Offset Metabolic Downturns
Synephrine, evodiamine and capsaicin are common thermogenic agents. They stimulate the nervous system to increase the production of norepinephrine, which, in turn, causes fat cells to release and burn bodyfat. Thermogenics are predominantly helpful in preventing the metabolic slowdown that comes with long-term dieting.

8. Overdieting Has Its Place
Sometimes you have to go to the extreme. A very-low-carb day once every 10 to 12 days, during which you limit your carbs to just 50-80 g, can trick the body into greater fat loss by lowering glycogen reserves. That amplifies fat burning.
9. Disrupt The Regimen
Over time, all diets ultimately cause slowing of the metabolism. When you hit a true “nothing works” roadblock, get off your diet! Eat anything you want for a couple of days within reason. Load up on “good” carbs and fat before returning to the diet. This splurge will kick up thyroid hormones, which tend to spiral downward with long-term dieting. Once you’re back on your diet, your body will resume burning bodyfat.

10. Fiber Is A  Wild Card
Let’s compare two diets with equal amounts of calories and carbohydrates, with the sole difference being the source of carbs. One diet comprises fast-digesting near-fiber-free carbs, such as rice cakes, white rice, white bread and cold cereals. The other comprises slower-digesting fiber-dense carbs, such as oatmeal, whole-grain bread, beans, brown rice and sweet potatoes. The fiber-dense approach will likely result in greater long-term fat loss. Why? Higher amounts of insulin are generally associated with greater fat storage and lower fat burning.

Did you ever get a DWI by any chance?

I know this blog is about living a healthier lifestyle but recently I been thinking to post random topics to aware some of my followers about few stuffs. I'll definitely post workout related stuffs but I'll add in a mixture of randomness. :)

Beginning a legal action can be stressful, and most people considering hiring a lawyer are already in a stressful situation. You should do your best to prepare for your initial consultation, to get the most out of the process. An initial consultation can be more than just a quick meeting; it can help you plan your strategy, see potential hazards, and save you further stress during the legal process.
What to Bring
The most important thing to bring is a pen and paper. Even if you have studied your legal situation, you may learn many things during the initial consultation. An attorney can be an invaluable resource: they can ask questions that help you see potential benefits and hazards during the legal process, and offer helpful advice. Be prepared to write down any advice the attorney provides, and to note any questions the attorney will need to have answered in order to help you.
When you contact an attorney to schedule an initial consultation, ask them what information they want you to bring. For example, a bankruptcy attorney may want to see your financial information and a list of your debts. Write down a list of what the attorney requests and prepare all of these documents before your consultation. If you do not know what the attorney would like you to bring, put together a folder of documents. Bring any bills, notices, e-mails, or other communications and documents that are relevant to your legal question.
How to Prepare for Your Consultation
Before your consultation, you should write down any questions you might have. Do not hesitate to ask what you might think is a “stupid” question. Attorneys do not expect the layperson to have a thorough understanding of legal issues, and a good attorney will be eager for you to understand what you should expect and how to participate in the legal process. Remember: understanding your legal action can save you time and money and prevent complications.
Write down a timeline of the situation that has caused you to seek an attorney’s help. If you are facing a foreclosure, write down a timeline of missed payments and any communications with your lender. If you are considering a divorce, note any separations, previous legal proceedings, and the events that led to your decision.
Don’t Hold Back
Anything you discuss with an attorney during an initial consultation is confidential. Do not hold back from asking or answering questions. If you think information is important, don’t keep it to yourself. Any information that you think is relevant can help an attorney give you the best possible advice. Attorneys face severe penalties for revealing anything said to them during a consultation. You should not be afraid to give an attorney every fact and trust them to act on your behalf. 

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5 essential tips to boost your Google Adsense revenue

I know this blog is about getting into shape and living a healthy lifestyle but I think it's essential to let all my readers know a few secrets about google adsense and how you can earn more $$ than what you're earning now.

1. Choosing the Right Spot to Place the Ad
  • Basing on the Keywords we choose for our blog/website, the kind of visitors will approach us. Its unpredictable that the visitor who reaches us, will click on which ad unit.
  • So, its the duty of the Admin for website/blog to trace the hot spots and try to place the ads in those prescribed areas.
  • Few things we need to keep in mind while Selecting the Ad spots like, we are here to bag little income. So, we are not supposed to hide our ads as we need to follow the important steps like Its suggestible to maintain the much white space around our ad units, Its also suggestible to place the ads on the Top of the Page as well as on the Left Fold of the Page.
  • Better the visibility of the Ad units, Better chances for us to improve our earnings.
#2. Utilizing the Complete Allowance of the Adsense Ad Units Permitable on Each Page
  • Google Adsense allows us to place 3 different regular Ad units as well as 1 link ad unit on each and every page of our blog/website as it is suggestable to utilize the maximum allowance of Ad units to improve the chances of clicks.
  • One of my past experience is not to use the horizontal ad banner, as our site visitors were interested in reading our content so there are maximum chances for skipping that ad unit as its considered to be the wastage of the resource that was alloted for us.

#3. Ad Format Size Does Matter
  • Visitors reaching our site might be interested in viewing different ad formats as its unpredictable task for any website/blog’s Admin. Few things like taking care of best suited Ad formats that matches perfectly to our site will do the best.
  • So, its our choice and depending on our experience which we gain by testing to choose the best Ad units having good CTR ratings.
  • As formats like 336*280 large rectangle, 300*250 medium rectangle(2 units below post title), 160*600 wide skyscraper were considered as evergreen ad units that which create maximum clicks for any of the site.
#4. Increasing the Website’s Traffic is the Most Important Aspect
  • Improving the visitors to the website will always plays the master role in Improving our Adsense Earnings.
  • As, it is already proved the Search Engine visitors will always the best source for us to earn money via Adsense. So, its much important for us to drive traffic via SearchEngines rather than Direct traffic or Social Networking or Social Bookmarking site‘s traffic.
  • Focusing on Quality content, performing perfect SEO tasks will always helps us to drive maximum traffic from Search Engines which ultimately reflects the increase in our earnings.

  • #5. Blending Your Adsense Ad Unites on Webpages
    • The Most important aspect is choosing correct color for text links ads will definitely show real impact on our earnings.
    • Make sure that your Ad units wont stand out on the page by using the fancy colors as this will make people skipping that ad unit. So, by making text link ad units as that of same color of our links as it refers like those text link ads were the extension for our page.

Are you following your diet to reach your goal(s)?

What's everyone up to lately? Remember it's not about how hard you hit the gym... in the end DIET is the most important thing. You know the saying "abs are made in the kitchen"... well it's fucking true.

You will be making crazy gains as long as your diet is on target. TRUST ME.