Thursday, January 20, 2011

5 essential tips to boost your Google Adsense revenue

I know this blog is about getting into shape and living a healthy lifestyle but I think it's essential to let all my readers know a few secrets about google adsense and how you can earn more $$ than what you're earning now.

1. Choosing the Right Spot to Place the Ad
  • Basing on the Keywords we choose for our blog/website, the kind of visitors will approach us. Its unpredictable that the visitor who reaches us, will click on which ad unit.
  • So, its the duty of the Admin for website/blog to trace the hot spots and try to place the ads in those prescribed areas.
  • Few things we need to keep in mind while Selecting the Ad spots like, we are here to bag little income. So, we are not supposed to hide our ads as we need to follow the important steps like Its suggestible to maintain the much white space around our ad units, Its also suggestible to place the ads on the Top of the Page as well as on the Left Fold of the Page.
  • Better the visibility of the Ad units, Better chances for us to improve our earnings.
#2. Utilizing the Complete Allowance of the Adsense Ad Units Permitable on Each Page
  • Google Adsense allows us to place 3 different regular Ad units as well as 1 link ad unit on each and every page of our blog/website as it is suggestable to utilize the maximum allowance of Ad units to improve the chances of clicks.
  • One of my past experience is not to use the horizontal ad banner, as our site visitors were interested in reading our content so there are maximum chances for skipping that ad unit as its considered to be the wastage of the resource that was alloted for us.

#3. Ad Format Size Does Matter
  • Visitors reaching our site might be interested in viewing different ad formats as its unpredictable task for any website/blog’s Admin. Few things like taking care of best suited Ad formats that matches perfectly to our site will do the best.
  • So, its our choice and depending on our experience which we gain by testing to choose the best Ad units having good CTR ratings.
  • As formats like 336*280 large rectangle, 300*250 medium rectangle(2 units below post title), 160*600 wide skyscraper were considered as evergreen ad units that which create maximum clicks for any of the site.
#4. Increasing the Website’s Traffic is the Most Important Aspect
  • Improving the visitors to the website will always plays the master role in Improving our Adsense Earnings.
  • As, it is already proved the Search Engine visitors will always the best source for us to earn money via Adsense. So, its much important for us to drive traffic via SearchEngines rather than Direct traffic or Social Networking or Social Bookmarking site‘s traffic.
  • Focusing on Quality content, performing perfect SEO tasks will always helps us to drive maximum traffic from Search Engines which ultimately reflects the increase in our earnings.

  • #5. Blending Your Adsense Ad Unites on Webpages
    • The Most important aspect is choosing correct color for text links ads will definitely show real impact on our earnings.
    • Make sure that your Ad units wont stand out on the page by using the fancy colors as this will make people skipping that ad unit. So, by making text link ad units as that of same color of our links as it refers like those text link ads were the extension for our page.


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